Editor-in-Chief: Amanda Fantin

Academic Coordinators: Sunny Lee, Nolan Neville, Emilie Pianarosa and Joshua Chipman

Managing Editors: Aaron Lin, Rhiannon Ng, Kay Wu and Jamil Muradov

​Marketing Managers: Heather McNeil, Alexis Kieran, Courtney Bann, Viswajit Kumar, Emma Redfearn

Copy Layout: Yutong Jiang, Michael Ramnauth, Maggie Gowland, Joshua Kofsky 

Student Liaisons: Carter Zides, Madelaine Roberts, Sumeeta Prihar, Laura Tang

Peer Reviewers: Paul Ioudovski, Malaika Ngugama, Andrew Belyea, Shannon Tordoff, Ingrid Blydt-Hansen, Joe Spagnuolo, Peter Grantcharov, David Cote, Stephanie Zeit, Jillian Rodger, Clare Murphy, Ellis Kelly, Gokce Ozdemir, Ella Olivia Hansen

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The Queen's Science Undergraduate Research Journal (QSURJ) is an online undergraduate research journal with a focus in the health sciences. Our purpose is to provide undergraduate students opportunities to publish summer and thesis research in a professional academic setting. We provide opportunities for students to gain experience in submitting and publishing a manuscript while improving their academic research profile.

We accept a range of academic work including original research as well as review articles. Each submitted manuscript will undergo a two-tier review process. Tier 1 will involve review by two undergraduate students and Tier 2 will consist of review by at least one faculty member. The final decision to publish the manuscript will be made by the editors in chief based on the comments of the undergraduate and faculty review board.

All undergraduate students are eligible to submit a manuscript. Students must be the first author; however co-authors can be faculty or students at Queen's University or other academic institutions. 

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